Nick Kavelaris MA, LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor - USPTA Certified Coach


Services are offered in the following formats: 

Sports: Mental Performance Coaching

Truly successful athletes have more than just physical ability. These individual’s true strength lies in their mental focus, resiliency, and discipline. Greatness starts with belief and a mindset which sets a foundation for the athletes physical ability to develop. 

Couples Therapy

The beauty of uniting two individuals is only matched by the maintenance of a flourishing relationship each and every day. Life can bring distance and difficulty to relationships. Developing and maintaining empathy, communication, and connection between two individuals is a critical and amazing process. 

Individual Adult Mental Health

Life can be difficult, but while things may be hard, we can create support so that these difficulties don’t become overwhelming. With the right motivation, supportive therapeutic relationship, and an action plan, individuals can find a brighter future. 

Consulting & Training

Creating healthy functioning teams takes humility, empathy, dedication and a plan. The best teams and organizations focus not only on the quantitative numbers of success, but the qualitative state of each individual worker. 

Specialty Areas


Children face significant social impact each day. Parent's influence on their child's thoughts, behaviors, and life is consistently challenged by external forces. As an advocate for both the child and the parent, I help parents understand, communicate with and deepen the relationship they have with their child. I also look to help the child see and experience the love a parent has for them.

Life Transition

Consistency in today's world can be hard to find. Transitions seem to be ever-the-norm. I feel it a privilege to be able to help individuals, couples, and families cope with the effects of life transitions.

Sports Performance

A negative mentality in training and competition will negate the physical work put in by an athlete. Increasing an athlete’s mindfulness, emotional control, thought stopping, and positive thought development can prove effective in an athletes success.


Forgiveness is a wonderful response to being deeply hurt by another. Individuals who forgive can be a freed from the bondage of pain, anxiety, and depression. Walking with clients through the forgiveness process, and breaking through this barrier is a privilege and honor.


Nerves, worry, & apprehension can make everyday tasks and overall life difficult. I help individuals resolve core conflicts and learn coping skills to reduce impact anxiety has on every day life.

Impulse Control

Reoccurring failure to resist impulses, difficulty waiting, acting too quickly, and needing to be satisfied right away are signs of impulse control issues. Utilizing relaxation strategies, mindfulness training, and behavior modification are strategies I use to partner with my clients towards change.

Marrital distress

Life if hard. Having a supportive, caring partner can make the difficulties of life less stressful. Managing a relationship among the chaos of life, however, can be daunting. Helping clients develop trust, empathy, communication, and marital satisfaction are some of the goals I develop with my clients.


Feeling the need to rescue someone, increased self worth when others needs are met, or consistently sacrificing your needs for others can be signs of codependency. I partner with individuals to set goals for living a better life. Some goals are to establish boundaries, increase self esteem, heal past wounds, and establish better relationships.


Sadness, difficulty focusing, low motivation, isolation or withdrawal, and low self-esteem are some symptoms of depression. I help clients grieve past losses, create healthy thinking patterns, increase self-esteem, and develop healthy relationships.

Grief & Loss

Some of the most difficult parts of life are when we have lost someone/something that has great meaning to us. Feeling alone, numb, physical exhaustion, and sadness can be just some of the affects of grief and loss. Grieving can be hard, but it is natural when experiencing and processing a significant loss. Supporting clients in this vulnerable time is a privilege.

Career Change

There are many philosophies in our culture of what a job should provide. Helping clients choose the best career path for them is more than picking a job one might like or that pays the most. I help clients weigh their longterm goals and where they see themselves in the future. Emotionally, physically & what is best for their family as a whole.

Nick Kavelaris, MA, LPC, NCC

Hello, name is Nick Kavelaris and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Consultant, and former Division I Coach. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I am privileged to have this opportunity to share my background & services I offer with you.  Along with this, you can also find some interesting articles through my blog. Topics consisting of: Counseling, Psychology, & Sports Performance. I also provide some helpful References and Resources.   

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